Friday, 9 May 2014


Dress: Old one from my mum, Top: Inlovewithfashion, Shoes: Topshop. Jewellery is from so many random places. 

So here's my entry for the Bank fashion 'Destination Unknown' competition. A very last minute entry as it closes today, and I had to take these photos in about 3 minutes but it's here and that's what counts! 
I'm sharing what would be a possible festival outfit if I won. The dress and top are both floaty and light which gives you plenty of room to dance in and ensures that you don't overheat in the crowds. And of course being me, what is a festival outfit without some jewellery? All the jewellery above is relatively cheap so is perfect for festivals, as it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I lost an item or two. Although I would be pretty gutted of course. Another festival essential is a camera. Or in my case, probably quite a few as you may not know, but I am very interested in photography. There's nothing like documenting a festival, and the main problem for me is finding enough room to take the disposables, fisheye camera, Canon, etc etc. 
Festivals are such an amazing part of the summer, and they really encapsulate the summer care-free spirit. I absolutely love how at festivals everyone is happy to talk to anyone; a somewhat rare occurence nowadays. I still have fond memories of seeing Florence and the Machine, and when she told everyone to spread the love and hug eachother, I probably hugged more strangers then than I had done in the whole previous year. Yes, festivals do have their downsides in the not being able to wash/general feeling of uncleanliness sense, but you've just got to embrace it-it's 100% worth it in the end. 
I'm pretty much up for any festival, but I am more of a chilled and laid back festival person, wanting to float around in a summer haze accompanied by amazing music and wearing some boho clothes (which can be purchased from Bank-their kimono section is particularly on point). Oh, and great street food and drinks are so crucial too. I'd also absolutely love to stay in one of those gorgeous yurts at a festival-oh the luxury (but alas it comes at far too high a price tag). 
My ideal lineup: Kings of Leon, Haim, Solange, The 1975, Vampire Weekend, Mystery Jets, Arctic Monkeys, Blood Orange....and the list just goes on. I've been lucky enough to already have seen Vampire Weekend, The Mystery Jets, Haim, Mumford & Sons, Two Door Cinema Club, Florence & the Machine and more (I was particularly into bands 1-2 years ago if you couldn't already tell). 
Are any of you heading to any festivals this summer? Also, if you have any funky festival memories let me know down below :) 



  1. Gorgeous Lucia, that skirt is so stunning x

  2. looooove this outfit! festival fashion in my fave. that top is super lovely!


  3. Looove the skirt!! This is so something I would wear to a festival! xox

  4. love it so much you're gorgeus! <3

  5. Replies
    1. You are my queen! Love ya! x

  6. Pretty skirt, great for the festival season! x

  7. Waauw I love everything about this! The outfit is so lovely and the necklace perfect!

  8. Love this super relaxed look I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out x

  9. Cute outfit! I love your skirt x

  10. This is the perfect outfit for Coachella or any other festival!! We love the jewellery especially the crystal and crescent necklace. Do you by any chance remember where they are from?

    1. The crystal necklace is from Love Bullets, and the crescent from Luna jewellery! xx

  11. Nice! Love your skirt!


    Fancy To Go

  12. Loving the free spirit vibes this outfit gives off!

  13. Those wide sleeve got me, they have such a festival vibe to them. Love the vintage look to this outfit.


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