Sunday, 22 December 2013

Magical Temporary Tattoos

Blogger is currently driving me crazy. For some reason it is only letting me type if I hold down the mouse button, so every time I accidentally lift it off from getting hand cramp it stops typing. I can't even backspace or anything without holding it down-anyone else having this problem?I am genuinely going to have hand ache for a while after this post, but I will persevere. (I know it really doesn't sound that bad, but trust me, it is. If only you could see a video of my typing right now you would be probably laughing hysterically). 
Words cannot even describe how excited I was to receive these temporary tattoos. I remember when I was little and used to love them, and this has really brought back the memories. I never even thought you could get tattoos as beautiful as these-just look at the flowers and unicorns! I'm going to save the flower chains for next summer when I'm on holiday. I'm patiently waiting right now for that time to come so I can wear them as little flower bracelet and armlet tattoos. I strongly suggest that you get some too because I'm so delighted with them. We could even be matching if you get some of the same ones as me, and then they'd be like friendship tattoos <3



  1. Omg I awwwdore non-permanent tattoos, they are so much fun, and these are wonderful! Can't wait to see how you'll style them! :)
    Btw I'm also having problems with Blogger, it keeps telling me there are 'errors' of some sort and deleting everything I've been writing -- it took ages to write today's post :(
    Hope they'll fix these bugs soon!

    1. I know!! I'll definitely be featuring them in outfit posts I'm sure, as I think they'd look so cute and are an accessory in their own right. Fingers crossed :)

  2. I miss those things! I used to always apply one on my hands, arms, or legs when I was little. They were the best & the cutest, haha!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

  3. haha these are cute, brings back some fond childhood memories indeed. I remember buying these chewing gums that gave temporary tattoos with them and trading them with my friends!


  4. I love faux tattoos. I would love own these all.
    So fun.
    Peace, Love, and Good Chocolate,

    PARIS //

  5. These tattoos look so fun! And how frustrating that blogger isn't working!

  6. These look so cool! :)



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