Sunday, 3 August 2014

Pressed flower iPhone cases

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@luciasloves) then you'll already have heard about this, but I thought that I would make a blog post announcing the fact that I have restarted my tictail store again. This time I'm not selling my old clothes, as I now use Depop for that, but these handmade iPhone cases. They're just simple and beautiful cases made using real pressed flowers and resin. I hope that you love them as much as I do, and if you'd be interested in purchasing one you can buy them here at I'm selling them for £15 including postage within the UK. If you're anywhere else in the world and would like one, just drop me an email ( and I will be able to get one out for you and calculate shipping costs. You can also email me for any particular requests or if you'd like them done for a different phone case. 
I would absolutely love to have your support on this little venture, and any liking/regramming of images on Instagram or tweets etc would be so appreciated and who knows, maybe I'll give you a cheeky discount ;) ? I will be hosting a little competition to win one of these on my Instagram soon so make sure to look out for that! 


P.S. Apologies for the complete lack of outfit posts <3

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Travel Diary// Nice Part Two

This post seems to have mainly focused on the architecture in Nice. I absolutely love all of the buildings, and could quite happily walk around the old town and promenade for hours looking at them. I saw the pink bike for the first time down a little side street and it immediately attracted my attention. During my stay, I saw it a few times in different locations around Nice which made me feel some strange sort of connection with it and I became rather attached. 


Ps. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win the trousers or skirt (click on the picture to take you through to the correct page). I think that this is probably the best giveaway I've done yet, so get entering ;) 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

ROSAvelt Giveaway

I have such an exciting post for you all today, as the lovely people over at ROSAvelt have given me the opportunity to do a giveaway with them. 
ROSAvelt is an independent British clothing label, and they sell some great pieces. Personally, I think that their stand out pieces are their incredible trousers in the most amazing prints. They even have a whole silk collection of them; the ultimate summer trousers. My summer must-have at the moment is a patterned loose-fitting pair of trousers because no one wants clingy skin tight trousers when the temperatures soar. Here are a couple of photos of my favourite pairs from ROSAvelt and I'm lusting after them all. In my head I'm imagining so many fab outfits which you could create with any of the trousers by pairing them with a bralet, simple cropped tee, silk blouse...the list goes on. 

So by now you're probably wondering what you can actually win. After all this rambling about how in love I am with their trousers, of course one of the options would have to be a pair of trousers. Some of you might be more of a fan of skirts though, so in this giveaway you can win either the skirt or trousers below, both featuring one of my all time favourite patterns: paisley. 

If you'd like to enter this giveaway to win an amazing summer statement piece of clothing, then just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck! 


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Travel Diary// Nice Part One

I decided to split my travel posts from France into a number of separate posts because I took far, far too many photos (nearly 2000 in 10 days). This may have been the best holiday I have ever had, and I hope that these photos reflect it. 
I stayed with my family in a rented apartment in Nice, and it was pure bliss as it gave us the flexibility of eating out when we wanted to or cooking. In the end we ended up cooking far more as my dad is an incredible chef and shopping at the local markets was so fun. I definitely recommend shopping at Liberation market if you go to Nice, as that is where all the locals go and the few times we went we were the only tourists. Don't be scared if you don't speak French as the market stall holders were all incredibly warm and friendly. In fact every single person we met was so kind, and we didn't have a single bad experience. 
Apologies for the poorer quality of the last three photos as the light was far from ideal, but I thought I would squeeze in a quick outfit too. This was my typical lounging around the apartment and people-watching from the balcony attire. 
If any of you happen to be going to the south of France and have any questions or would like some recommendations, just drop me an email ( as I have so much more which I could say! 


Thursday, 3 July 2014


Top c/o Laundry Boutique, Jumpsuit: Zara, Shoes: Office

Don't you just love versatile clothing? Anything which can be transformed and worn multiple ways is a winner for me. This jumpsuit from Zara is possibly my favourite clothing purchase of the year so far. It is has a brilliant silver zip right down the front, which means that zipped down nearly the whole way, you can just tie it up and hey presto, you have a pair of trousers. I cannot wait to show you a post with the jumpsuit worn fully in all of its glory. This jumpsuit paired with the monochrome crop top makes the perfect slouchy-yet-still-looking-like-you-made-an-effort outfit. The top is actually more of a textured sort of material rather than jersey which I was expecting, and it makes it feel 10000 times more luxurious and expensive. And I adore how 'DREAMER' is printed along the bottom, because we are all dreamers to more or lesser extents. 

Lucia xx

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